A maritime cool climate

Mornington Peninsula is a small region of spectacular natural beauty located 80km south of Melbourne, Australia. The region has a long history of fruit growing in a cool maritime climate. Prevailing cool southerly winds coming off Bass Strait moderate temperatures and provide the mild growing conditions that enable us to grow and ripen quality Pinot Noir, a grape variety that flourishes in a select few regions around the world. From the rich volcanic soils of the higher elevations of the Peninsula to the sedimentary deposits resultant from an ancient inland sea, the maritime climate experienced throughout the region's vineyards embodies purity and perfume. Chardonnay and Pinot Gris from the region display intensity of fruit flavour and lively acidity that is characteristic of Mornington Peninsula wines.

The wine producers of the Mornington Peninsula are a collective of boutique producers that have a passion for growing exceptional fruit, making often very limited quantities of world-class wines, and sharing them, and their stories, with wine lovers.

 Summary of the region